Wednesday, March 22, 2006

St. George Sunshine

Friday afternoon, I came home from classes and was messing around a little on my computer. I happened to check my e-mail, and I'm glad I did, because a friend of mine had sent me an email around 1:30 that morning with very specific instructions regarding a spontaneous roadtrip we would be going on that weekend.

My first thought was "I am getting OUT OF PROVO!!!!!"

And then I threw a blank CD in my computer, pulled up a playlist I liked, and burned a couple mix CDs for the roadtrip, one entitled Pre-Springbreak Roadtrip Mix 1, and the other St. George Sunshine. Ya gotta have good music to listen to in the car. Plus, I was following the e-mailed instructions verbatim.

Our departure time kept getting delayed, but eventually we headed out, our bookbags stuffed with clothes and books slung over our shoulders, and a whole mess of junk food sitting in a plastic bag in the backseat of the car. I even managed to figure out the CD player (trust me, it was a lot more complicated than you'd expect, for reasons I won't go into here), and we headed down the dark roads towards southern Utah. And thank goodness they were dark, because the scenery ain't pretty.

We got to the uber-fancy rich doctor resort condo pretty late and I met the other people, and I think maybe we put a movie in? I dunno, I don't remember, all I remember was being exhausted and finding my bed and squirming in pleasure at the extreme softness of it. You guys don't even know. I don't know what it was stuffed with, but I think it was angles and rainbows, and there was a soft soft (very soft) green bedspread thing. It was oh so warm. And oh so soft. And oh so much better than the terrible, hard, squeaky mattresses here that I'm convinced are giving me back pains.

I slept until about 1, and woke up to the strains of the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack coming from the living room, so I strolled in and flopped on one of the delicious leather couches. Then I had oatmeal. With strawberries. And I wasted the day just being lazy. We played tennis (I am a pro), we sunned ourselves, we watched movies, we ate chinese food, we gobbled up more junk food, we lazed about even more.... It was bliss. That's how Saturdays are supposed to feel. That night, some people took off for a party in Las Vegas, but I really hate Las Vegas, and I was tired, so I stayed behind. I got my palm read, which was exciting. Eventually, we put The Best of Will Ferrell on, and somehow I ended up falling asleep on the floor. That was a big shame, because, as you'll remember, my bed was so so soft. But ah well. I woke up around 11:30 the next day (I know, I slept on the floor a long long time without realizing how stupid I was) and began throwing away all of our trash. And man, had we made a mess. I don't even know how it happened, we're normally such neat people.

Eventually we got our act together and made it to the car for the drive home. It rained a lot on the way home, and I noticed that the rain collecting on the windshield and the windows was brown and murky. That's Utah for you, even the rain is gross and wrong. I got a picture of the mess it left after it'd dried.

And that was my roadtrip weekend.


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She's not kidding about our apartment beds. They're terrible.

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