Monday, March 13, 2006

A Welcome Back Letter Of Sorts

Jeremy Brown got home on Thursday. Yeah, it's true: two years are already up. Saturday afternoon I got a text from Jennifer letting me know there was a letter from him to me sitting in our apartment, but alas, no letter from him to her. Yikes, Jeremy, I thought. Yikes indeed.

Anyway, the kid is back from Brazil, and Jennifer and I are trying to get in contact with him. By which I mean Jennifer has been diligently attempting to call (but encountering major hurdles such as not having a correct number) while I sit back and grumble about how he's not online and "What, has he forgotten how to work the internet?" and call him a Jerky McJerkerson. That, my friends, is how I get in contact with old friends. It's not exactly a winning strategy, but it's fun for me.

See, the thing is, Jeremy was (and is...I have to remember to stop referring to him in the past tense)(I always treat missionaries like they've died for some reason, hence my use of past tense) a really great friend. He tolerated my silliness and we had some really great times staying up late and chatting. I'm definitely not the girl I was three years ago, and I doubt he's the guy he was, so it'll be a weird adaptation, but it'll be fun to hear his stories.

All this, of course, is avoiding confronting the fact that, now that he is back, I will have to honor our deal and sit through Arachnophobia -- yeah, remember how I deal with even very small spiders? I am going to die.


Blogger stevo said...

Bring a shoe...that way you can kill it...

3:37 AM  
Blogger Mooney said...

I put a rubber spider in my sister's popcorn during arachnophobia. She screamed so loud, people threw popcorn at her and told her to chill out.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous More than Silk said...

yes, I do...[Agree]...dreamz n spiderz r like honest modesty at an unfavorable top-high dys'd Year You're sucha sweetheart...lolll...or wait, I have a shallow past? lol...Whutta shock!!!!!! yo, Mike-D...Why'd you throw that chair at Pico Riviera MAN?!?!?!?x>=/...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...West, west y'all! x=0)...Ain't nuttin butta Gangster party lollll...Damn deez guyz REALLY are effekted B.Y. M.E 2bAd they're sO sHy to hateful towardz and against one anuther...whut im tryin to say here iz...I've beena byt obsene but I'ma royal else do you expekt me to express sympaTHY?...O!...DIRT IN AISLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...A DENIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DENIAL!!!!!!!!!...MY LIBIDO IZ IN DENIAL FUCK YA!!!!!!!!...Butt, whut about UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU?!?!? x=0P...Atleast the Earth knowz of your umm nAIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that goez out to ANY if you're offended you got that? I feel like ruffus tyming...It'z not too diffikult to be known for romance...Dare the Enema folkz U knowz this Hero gotTA...Death b4 Dishonor

12:48 x=0)...The diffikult past of romance iz the distinguishment of absellation N obsoletion...and the obvious part...avoiding miskommunikation...Witchez kan't Frequently Understate their Cilious Kaulkz!...They Hate Each M...but Moron...

5:39 AM  

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