Saturday, March 11, 2006

200 kb/s = Very Yes

Do you know what would be nice? If I could remember the username and password we used for our router page. I don't even remember actually inputting a username or password, that's how screwed I am.

No router configurating for me, it looks like. Maybe one of these days I'll call up our ISP and beg for help and have them laugh at me but fix everything. It's the laughter I cannot bear.


Blogger Baltazar said...

I used mandymoore for my base station password. She has a movie out now and she's gained 25 lb.n

6:11 PM  
Anonymous The Big Head she'Z SpAYdez said...

...My grandma takez me home frum skoal everyday at 3...And then I have to potty....Stay with me, lozers...I will help you learn how to keep me in your kan atleast tell me how kool I am...x=0/

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Tender velocity said...

~Alwayz SleePing~ X=0)...Fair Juliet, I love iz free, why am I bearing such a kurse on your upheavalz?...I am frail and aware now of whut foolishness allowz us azza kind. -She haz the stolen bread, takez all the red...kan't sing, stand and lovez to sit...who iz it?...She'z into GUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

6:02 AM  

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