Monday, September 18, 2006

More Complaining About Money, I Think

I went to Wal-Mart today, on one of those "Oh, my roommate asked me to go with her so she can get some groceries and have some company, and I totally won't buy anything, and I don't even need to bring my wallet with me," except you do bring your wallet, because secretly you're wanting to buy something (so secretly, in fact, that your brain keeps this fact carefully hidden from you) and you end up spending fifty dollars on DVDs and a lawn chair, which is all you've really budgeted for groceries for the entire month trips.

Well, I didn't buy a lawn chair, but I did buy one (or, um, four) DVDs (on discount, is how I rationalized it). And I didn't quite spend fifty dollars, either, but I did go to Food Lion this morning with the express intent of buying cream cheese...and I bought everything BUT cream cheese.

A couple things have changed my spending habits rather drastically, though. Now that I have a car, it's suddenly possible for me to convey myself to a place where items can be purchased. Before, it took two weeks of careful planning just to make sure I had enough food to keep my body from starving to death. Oh, and also gas costs money too, and way more than it ever should. I'm going to steal a horse, or maybe a local, and ride around in a rickshaw from now on to keep costs down. Also, now I have friends, and roommates I'm friends with, and they want to do things, and I want to do things with them, and darn it all if we don't live in a capitalist society wherein everything must cost something.

If only we could barter with something. Something I have in plentiful supply. Like. Um. Well, I have a lot of hair. Maybe I could work a deal out?


Blogger JENNIFER said...

Which four DVDs?

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Dallan Bunce said...

Silly Beth, You are a pretty girl; why don't you just do what we do here in Provo? Namely, flirt with a boy until he buys you the items that you want? It works for me! Wait... did I accidentally just come out of the closet?

3:15 AM  

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