Friday, October 06, 2006

Who's That? Black Cat? Big Bat? Come To Get You!

I'm going to be a bat for Halloween. Weeks ago the idea suddenly popped into my head, and I fixated on it immediately, heaven knows why. I mean, I like bats. I like the little bat-things that pop up in that version of Warcraft. I like the little bats on the wrappers of the Reese's Halloween Pumpkins. I like doodling bats on spare bits of paper when I'm bored during class. I guess I just like the idea of bats, but it was never enough for me to beg a family member to buy me a pet bat for my eventual twenty-fifth birthday, like someone I know.

So, anyway, this being a bat for Halloween. I ordered some bat wings from a costume store online, and they came today. I've been flapping around in them, even though they need to be ironed to look like anything but a wad of wrinkly fabric I have strapped to me for the oddest of reasons. I just hope that Halloween comes in soon and kicks off the Feast Season with a bang.

Oh, and: I know I'm supposed to talk about my feelings and be open, etc. etc. but I woke up so angry and focused this morning from a dream I'd had that it frightened me, and I've been trying to calm myself all day. I'm exhausted, and I don't want to feel anything else for a while.


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