Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's A Hard Job, Can't You Tell?

I think my favorite part about tonight was when I answered the phone ("Thank you for choosing Domino's Pizza, this is Elizabeth, how can I help you," spoken as quickly OR MORE than humanly possible, so that the "this is Elizabeth" part comes out as one garbled mess of ssSSSSsssssss's) and some kid was like, "Yeah, can I get a fried ice cream pizza?"

I did a doubletake for a second because HOW DID HE KNOW? How did he know that just before I answered the phone I had enjoyed a delicious slice of Scott's famous fried ice cream pizza? WAS HE WATCHING THE STORE??? And then I realized it was Andy calling, and that I'd called Andy earlier in the evening letting him know of the exact time the frying of the ice cream would occur. You see last week Scott was showing off and he was all kinds of promising us he knew how to make this fried ice cream pizza, but when I got all excited about it, that's when he got off on being withholding or whatever and came up with all kinds of excuses, like how we had neither cornflakes nor honey nor ice cream on the premises, so the pizza would be a little hard to make. Whatever. This week I came prepared, which I think startled Scott a little, that anyone could hold onto one little idea so fervently (seriously, it's pretty much all I've talked about) that they take such pains to bring the plan to full fruition, but it's what I do. I am the Plan Leader after all.

And now I know how to make fried ice cream pizza.



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is that 540 463 7375 ?
2 beanutbutter on pumpernikel pleez

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