Monday, July 14, 2008

As I Write This, Two Girls Are Slip N Sliding Right Outside My Window

Jared came into town on Saturday, and I think it was at some point while I was folded into one of the audience chairs at the band shell, clutching a black-eyed susan I'd stolen from the grounds while he played Brand New on his guitar that this huge sigh of happiness escaped from me. It was a perfect night, just the right temperature between hot and cold, the air was moving but not breezy, and the humidity wasn't all that intense. And we'd just spent the evening at Harper's Ferry, which is my favorite place on this entire planet. We talked physics and sound engineering while swinging in the park. That's pretty much what it takes to be friends with me; I love knowing I'm surrounded with interesting people who are always willing to teach me things and to run the wild, dizzying race of speculation.

The next day I was at my desk in the afternoon, getting some things done and talking to some people online, when I noticed I could hear the rain outside, and it was LOUD. I opened the window and watched it pour. Pour, as in, I don't know if I've ever seen it rain so hard and so consistently. There was no fitfulness in this rain, it was not one of those big gushes that steadies out in a few minutes. This was just RAIN. So of course I had to go out to play in it. I ran around to the swingset behind my house and pumped my legs and watched the water droplets fly off of them into the bushes. I don't know how to describe the rush of that feeling, but it was pretty much pure happy. Too bad getting drenched left me freezing, so I rushed inside to go take a long, hot shower, and then I snuggled down with a book.

Today I went to the Sprint store, because my phone is broken. Very broken. Throwing it against the windowsill didn't even fix it broken. But I was charming and patient, and they're rush-ordering a new phone for me to come pick up tomorrow for FREE. I like free things. I especially like that it was going to take four or five business days, but when I told the guy, "Wow, really? That's great! I was expecting to have to wait two weeks!" and I thanked him so much, he was like, "You know what? Thanks for being understanding. I'm going to go ahead and put a rush on this, we should have it sometime tomorrow." And then as I was leaving, he offered me a job. THAT's when you know you've been a good customer, the sales rep is like, Not only did I enjoy seeing you today, but you were so cool I want to see you every day. And I want to give you money!

I was so pleased with the way things turned out, that I decided to get my hair cut at long last, and now it has movement and shine and not bugging the crap out of me by hanging on my neck. Ness.

And now I'm off to go wakeboarding, hooray!


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