Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Lake Story

So yesterday Jason and I planned to escape to a lake in PA and enjoy the heck out of it. We pulled up to what looked like some information center, and when I got out of the car I spied a fenced-in enclosure with some sort of animal inside. I couldn't quite tell what it was, so of course it was all I could think and/or talk about. Once we got inside, we were told that basically we had to be campers/lodgers to enjoy the lake, so we scrawled a big, fat "Screw you!" on the walls (metaphorically; we have great and deep respect for personal property) and left.

We stopped in the general store to buy supplies (some water, pop rocks, and something called a "Charleston Chew," which frightened me greatly) and Jason asked the cashier lady for something awesome to do while I walked around and pretended like I had no idea what was going on. I cannot ask questions like that. I will not ask you for directions. I will not go into your Blockbuster store and ask you to help me locate a movie. I will walk around that store for twenty-seven minutes looking for what I came in there for, and I will never once ask you for help. It is a side to my personal independence that could really stand to be worn down some, but I'll worry about that later. Like when it's a life & death situation.

So anyway, we left, and went to go check out the mysterious animal, and realized it was a goat. (What are those animals there, the ones that look like half cow, half dog?) (That is an inside joke. That is HILARIOUS to me.) And there were more! And they had a playhouse in the trees! Yay, goats. It's going to be a good day when goats are involved.

So we went to a State Park instead, with a creek and a waterfall and a...jiggly bridge thing...and hiking and crawfish and no sunburn, hooray!

And then the day ended at Baja Fresh where I wolfed down a burrito the size of my head that was stuffed with chicken and grilled vegetables and - I don't know, fricking SOUR CREAM, who can say no to sour cream.

Now I'm typing this and listening to the rain outside my open window, tabbing back and forth between this window and looking at pictures of Dallan's escapades in China. I'm not sure what could make this a better weekend.



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