Friday, August 17, 2007

Digital Is Leaking All Over My Desk

I would pay someone so much (imaginary) money to go through my computer and clean out & organize my music collection.

I keep starting this task, and I keep giving up at the utter immensity of it.

" Computers give me sight, they'll probably make us slaves in forty years."

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What E-Mail Has Reduced Me To

Often in the shower people get epiphanies - great ideas, mental breakthroughs, all that kind of jazz. I'm one of those people, and my only disappointment is that those flashes don't often last much longer than the steam on the mirror.

Well, I was shampooing my hair today, and my head did one of those tilts. You know the kind; your head tilts to one side, your eyebrows knot up with all the force of whatever it is that has suddenly hit you. This isn't an epiphany look, really: the eyes generally open wide, and the head comes up when the ol' lightbulb comes on. No, this is a different sort of look, generally indicating that something odd is afoot.

And something odd was afoot! Because while I was massaging my scalp like the bottle indicates I should do (well, probably; I haven't actually read this one, but I've read plenty in the past - really gripping, shampoo bottles), I realized -

- that I'd mixed up the return address and mailing address on a letter I'd sent off a few minutes earlier. I was all kinds of proud of myself putting my pennies and dimes into the little machine in the front lobby of the post office, and I thought myself a clever girl indeed when I slipped it into one of the blue mailboxes on the sidewalk on my way back to my apartment. What I'd failed to notice, however, was that I'd been so upset the other day as I was prepping the letter for all of these festivities, that I just filled in addresses and zip codes willy nilly.

So needless to say I'm expecting mail tomorrow. I'm sure the handwriting on the envelope will be very familiar indeed.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Breathing, At Last

After three or four of interminable days of breathless heat, August has finally given us a break. I took advantage of that by going on two nice, long walks today, relishing the fact that there was AIR. I could feel it, on my face, poofing up my already-frizzy hair, swishing along the hem of my skirt.

It was wonderful.