Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Too Hungry To Think Of A Title

The trashcan is stuffed with empty ice cream cartons from continued four a.m. milkshake feasts.

Summer, late nights, and video games are what it's all about. Oh, and downloaded copies of Ocean's Thirteen subtitled in Greek for our viewing pleasure/trying to guess what the real captions actually said.

I'm really excited to be leaving tonight and heading up to the Philadelphia area. First of all because it is a miracle that I actually get to go, and thanks only to the generosity of some very amazing coworkers (it's nice to be in with the people who are in charge, let's just say), and second of all because we have tickets to the King Tut exhibit up there.

I only hope I don't come back to find the place completely in shambles because kittylicious will be lonely, and he gets bitey when he's lonely. Extra bitey. And pull the ugly green curtains that are all that gives this place any privacy from the gaze of passers-by who can see right into our glass front door-y.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just Putting It Out There

I need to go on an awesome roadtrip. Or maybe just roast some marshmallows over a campfire. Any takers?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pwned Indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen

So I just ground some Emerald Weapon into the cold, watery pavement. EAT THAT, FINAL FANTASY VII. Granted, I only caved and demolished said fishy beast after repeated failed attempts to vanquish Ruby Weapon - and to get THAT emotionally invested, and to be SO sure of victory each time, and to get SO, SO close to the, what, two point four quatrillion hitpoints that Red Beasty has, and EACH TIME to fail, well, there was some moping and some couch draping after each failure.

But not this time. No, there was much arm pumping and checking and re-checking the screen because, seriously? I could not just have won. No, I believed such grand things to be incredibly beyond me. Art made me go to the t.v. and turn up the sound, and then I just sat there and WATCHED. Watched and counted and heard and FELT each and every experience point drain into my characters. Such happy little sounds.

And then I ate a rainbow chip cookie, watched The Office, and went back to scavenging up maps for World of Warcraft.

Rainbow chips ftw!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Four Of World Of Warcraft

"So I'm going to bookmark this map with the...batleys."

"I was actually waiting to see how long it would take you to call them batleys."


"Yeah, I was going to call them batleys earlier, but I thought it would be more fun to wait for you to do it first."


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Managerial Drama

Why is it that when I turn someone down, they all of a sudden get real shady with me? I mean, I don't care if they stop going out of their way to do nice things to me; that's understandable. But don't clock me out of work half an hour before I actually leave because you're a child and you're pissed at me.

I guess I just don't understand the male psyche. Or the human psyche. I guess I'm cool enough to date, but not a cool person independent of that? Whatever, I just file that under "Doesn't Respect Me," and I HATE people who don't respect me.

My solution? Get him into an intellectual conversation where he's in waaaay over his head and completely eviscerate him. You don't wanna respect me out of basic human decency, fine; I'll MAKE you respect me.



We have a cockroach or several in our apartment.

Sweet merciful heavens.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's A Hard Job, Can't You Tell?

I think my favorite part about tonight was when I answered the phone ("Thank you for choosing Domino's Pizza, this is Elizabeth, how can I help you," spoken as quickly OR MORE than humanly possible, so that the "this is Elizabeth" part comes out as one garbled mess of ssSSSSsssssss's) and some kid was like, "Yeah, can I get a fried ice cream pizza?"

I did a doubletake for a second because HOW DID HE KNOW? How did he know that just before I answered the phone I had enjoyed a delicious slice of Scott's famous fried ice cream pizza? WAS HE WATCHING THE STORE??? And then I realized it was Andy calling, and that I'd called Andy earlier in the evening letting him know of the exact time the frying of the ice cream would occur. You see last week Scott was showing off and he was all kinds of promising us he knew how to make this fried ice cream pizza, but when I got all excited about it, that's when he got off on being withholding or whatever and came up with all kinds of excuses, like how we had neither cornflakes nor honey nor ice cream on the premises, so the pizza would be a little hard to make. Whatever. This week I came prepared, which I think startled Scott a little, that anyone could hold onto one little idea so fervently (seriously, it's pretty much all I've talked about) that they take such pains to bring the plan to full fruition, but it's what I do. I am the Plan Leader after all.

And now I know how to make fried ice cream pizza.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Maybe I Can Get My Mom To Do His Family History, Too

Apparently Eliot is part Turkish Van, which is where his gorgeous cheekbones, round eyes, and fluffy tail came from, along with his amazing jumping abilities, love of water, and, oh yes, the "love nips." I could do without the love biting, kiddo, which is why I slip sleeping powder into your cat food, bwa ha ha.

It's good to finally know where this little beast came from and to have an explanation for a lot of the weird stuff he does. For instance, he's not a big meow-er, but he makes this sort of really the only way to describe it, and I know it freaks some people (Stephanie) out, but apparently that's just what his DNA makes him do, so back up off him.

And yes, this was a blog about a cat. My cat. I'm turning into a Cat Lady....


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thrilledy Is Copyright Protected, So Don't Even Think About It

My day started at seven a.m. with some rolling out of bed and applying my "I run a meth lab out in the woods, but I can also fool two twnety-something boys into thinking I am just an innocent (and hot) jogger so that they kill the undercover cop who's onto me" makeup to make it out to Neil's on time to begin shooting. Too bad Nick, who plays the undercover cop, was late anyway, but I got to meet Neil's kids and wife, as well as his father and mother.

So yeah, I'm playing a leading role in a thriller/comedy, or a thrilledy as I like to call it. Neil asked me if I'd done any acting while we were working together a few weeks ago, and then he started churning out script ideas. I don't think I was originally supposed to be such a druggie, but I guess once he got to know me a little better....

Anyway, we filmed for a few hours then took a break so Nick could get to class, and I went back home and watched The Office/crashed. I drove all the way back out to Neil's for our afternoon shoot and passed Sid going the other way, which really confused me, and SHOULD have been a huge red flag that, hello, something is amiss ('cause Sid was scheduled to be in some of our afternoon takes), but I continued on to Neil's find that no one was there. And I couldn't call, because I left my charger at Audrey's and my phone was dead, and I only had just discovered that they sell phone chargers at Wal-Mart. So I kept driving to where we'd filmed that morning, hoping they'd just continued on ahead. No one, and by this point, I was running out of gas. So I drove a little further into Lexington to get gas, swung by Wal-Mart to get a charger, and only then realized that I was still in full-on meth-lab get-up. (Ooh, hyphen-tastic!) Seriously, I live in a small, rural area that has a higher concentration of ugly, freakish, warped-from-prolonged-inbreeding people than even a NASCAR racetrack could handle, and they look at ME like I'M the idiot. Whatev. At least I had my charger, and I skedaddled out of there, back to Neil's to check one last time, and then back home to plug my phone in, check my voicemail, and discover that this afternoon's filming had been cancelled.

But at least my legs looked really nice in my costume.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Cleaning

I am still (still!) trying to clean up my mess from Disney World and then that trip up to go shopping with Audrey. There's just no excuse for it, but of course I come up with lots of justifications.

Like the fact that the vacuum cleaner I got worked for about three minutes just fine, and then started spitting dirt back OUT at me. I guess it was just overwhelmed by the challenge that is our apartment, and this is a vacuum cleaner's way of screaming for mercy. And so I tell myself, hey, it's pointless to do any kind of cleaning without a working vacuum cleaner.

Also, we have this cat who loves knocking things over, getting trash out of trash cans and carrying it around and then leaving it in random rooms, and scattering things about. I hang my clothes nicely to dry and go off to work, only to come back ten or eleven hours later (yes, my shifts really are that long) to find clothes scattered on the floor.

So really, I'm facing a few challenges. And really, I would much rather lay on my bed and read Shakespeare or look at PS3 prices on the internet than clean anything. Who has the time?